Amazing ways to use an iPad in the Classroom

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator based in the South East of England helping schools to get the most from their iOS devices and other Apple technologies. I created iPad Nuggets as a resource for schools I have been working with. The main purpose is to give direct links to apps that I have shared.

Hopefully you will find this site helpful. Any feedback you have I would love to hear. Please use my contact page.
Andrew's Favourite Apps
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Book Creator

My favourite way to create eBooks on the iPad. Very simple interface that have your students using images, video, text and sound to create iBooks.
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The Singing Alphabet

Fantastic app that lets you select a series of letters that are played back to you in a song sounding out the letters. And it is really catchy. Great for phonics and only 69 pence!
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The first game programmed entirely on the iPad. And it is a programming based puzzle game. A great way for pupils to understand the basics of programming.
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PuppetPals HD

Simply pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later.
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Great app that helps you manage your document sharing. With a web interface and integration within selected apps this can ease the pain of sharing.
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Measures and creates a floor plan just by taking pictures of the room. Great app for School Site Staff wanting to quickly share room dimensions.
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Explain Everything

This great new apps lets you record what is happening on screen within the app. So what this means is that you can record yourself explaining (hence the name!) anything, say Pythagoras theory, and then output the video to your camera roll.
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Instant Poetry

This is a fridge magnet based app. Very simple. The app presents a set of words that you can use in your poem. You drag any that you like up on to the screen. With a flick of your finger you are presented with a new set to choose from.
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Wind Tunnel Pro HD

Turn your iPad into a wind tunnel simulator! Great for science and D and T.

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